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Welcome to RICONAILS. We feature a safe and nontoxic adhesive for attaching artificial nails. We also sell a unique book
about fingernails oriented toward the guitarist and a kit for dealing with fingernail emergencies.
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RICONAILS offers the following products:

quick nails
rico nails
An effective system for
guitarists to temporarily
attach a false nail.
All about your fingernails
and the RICONAIL system
A nontoxic, nonpermanent adhesive that works great for attaching an artificial nail.
Prices & Ordering:
USA or International
Prices & Ordering:
or International
Prices & Ordering:
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Prices & Ordering:
USA or International

Barrios for Flute & Guitar

On the Mangoré Trail:

Barrios for Flute & Guitar

Jananne Lovett, flute
Rico Stover, guitar

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Now available:
3M 500 Grit A wt. Open Coat Silicon Carbide Sandpaper
This sandpaper is ideal for shaping and sanding riconails
(or your natural nails).

SIX sheets (4.5 x 5.5 inch sheets) ......................$2.00

Prices & Ordering: USA or International

All products can be ordered online.


Fingernails can certainly be problematic for some guitarists. I am one of them. Classical guitar fingernails, flamenco guitar fingernails, bossa nova guitar fingernails, Latin American guitar fingernails and jazz guitar fingernails--all are very basic and important to these styles of playing and require having good fingernails, whether they be natural fingernails or artificial fingernails. In addition, steel string guitar players who do not use fingerpicks will find RICONAILS very adequate for that style of playing. The nontoxic adhesive used in the RICONAIL sytsem will allow a guitarist to use an artificial nail with no harmful side effects. And they really do sound good, maybe even better than real fingernails!

Rico Stover

The Guitar Foundation of America has honored Rico Stover presenting him with the Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award at the GFA convention in Louisville, Kentucky on June 30, 2013.