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Emergency Nail Kit FAQ’s:

How long will a RICONAIL stay on?

RICONAILS will stay on at least for several hours if you do not get your hands wet or greasy, etc. A few guitarists report that they have worn them for days! However, I do not recommend this. Your natural nails cannot be covered constantly with anything if you want strong natural nails. If I use a RICONAIL I wear it only for the time I play the guitar, then I take it off when I am done.

RICONAILS are removed easily with no hassle?

Yes, the adhesive is strong enough to keep the nail on just fine for playing the guitar, but it is not strong enough to resist your pulling it off with your left hand fingers. Twisting the used adhesive dot off of the RICONAIL is also easy as described in the instructions.

How long will a RICONAIL last?

This of course depends on how many hours you play. My experience is that RICONAILS will last for at least several weeks playing several hours per day before they get too small because of the constant polishing they require (just like real nails).

Is it necessary to use the tape provided to cover the seam between the RICONAIL and my cuticle?

If you play a lot of rasgueados, the answer is definitely yes. I play a great deal of Latin American music which requires tenacious, somewhat violent strumming at times. You do not want the nail to go flying after a forceful downward strum!