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Rico’s Fingernail Philosophy

Anyone can grow good natural nails if they know what to do, when to do it, and why to do it.

My natural nails are very tough, strong and thick. But they were not always that way. Throughout my 45 years of guitar playing, my fingernails were always a bit problematic, and became worse as I grew older.

So one day a few years ago I just decided that there must be something better than super glue, acrylic nails, silk wraps, ping pong balls, etc. What that “something” was at the time I did not exactly know, but I had an idea centering around two things:

1) Finding a way to attach an artificial fingernail without using a toxic substance and which can be put on and taken off easily with no damage to the natural nail

2) Finding a way to grow truly healthy, strong nails

So I started researching and investigating, and before long, I had found what I needed:

1) a nontoxic adhesive that is effective and removable

2) plastic nails that are made of high quality ABS plastic

3) knowledge of what to do to maximize fingernail health

To achieve good fingernails, it is absolutely essential to avoid covering the natural nail permanently with anything. It is also necessary to develop an intelligent and effective daily regimen for taking care of the nails. And this regimen must be followed faithfully every single day of your life if you want to achieve and maintain great nails.

The RICONAIL system is a combination of unique physical products coupled with essential facts and insights that can empower any guitarist to grow stronger natural nails. It can be of use to all manner of “fingerstyle” guitarists, whom I divide into three main camps:

1) those with decent natural nails

2) those who use toxic/cover methods

3) those who play in spite of “marginal nail quality”

RICONAILS can be useful to guitarists who have good natural nails for two reasons:

1) Unforeseen accidental breaks are now covered and can be dealt with effectively to enable the guitarist to keep playing normally while the broken natural nail grows back.

2) RICONAILS can be worn simply to save wear and tear on one’s real nails. This is particularly relevant when one does a lot of practicing leading up to a performance.

RICONAILS can be of interest to guitarists who are using toxic/cover methods and who want to get their natural nails back. A guitarist who has been using, say, acrylics for some years, and whose natural nails are “gone”, can now cease using the acrylics, start using RICONAILS to play, and begin an intense program of nail rejuvenation that involves using numerous products that are applied topically to the nail surfaces, as well as certain vitamins and foods ingested daily to maximize fingernail growth and health.

For those who have nails that are too thin, that break or crack easily, that are too soft, or that have difficult shapes, RICONAILS can be of great aid in helping to solve these problems.

So my “philosophy” embraces two realities:

1) strong natural nails are possible

2) escape from damaging toxic substances is also possible

Rico Stover