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What people say about the Emergency Nail Kit and RICONAILS:

“The RICONAILS system works great. I recommend it to all guitarists.”
Jorge Morel moreljs@aol.com

“Rico Stover's Emergency Nail Kit offers the perfect solution to breaks that require a safe, secure and instant replacement, without any risk of damage to the remaining nail. Bravo, Rico, for offering this innovative approach and excellent product!”
Sharon Isbin shagabin@hotmail.com

"Finally a non-toxic, healthy answer to finger nail foibles. I have just returned from playing three concerts with a RICONAIL thumb nail. What is not so healthy is while I was removing the RICONAIL, I could swear I heard it say: I sound pretty great, you better not lose me!" Benjamin Verdery Benverdery@aol.com

“I had an emergency a couple weeks ago and broke my thumbnail a few hours before a concert. I used the Emergency Nail Kit and it is fantastic! No chemicals and simple to use. I just played four concerts using a RICONAIL on my thumb. It never came off and it felt just like my normal nail.” David Qualey dqmusic@david-qualey.com

“RICONAILS are the greatest things since sliced bread! I am throwing away my super glue, my epoxy glue, my ping pong balls, my whole miserable nail kit. I slapped some RICONAILS on a couple of days ago, wore them straight through for 24 hours, lots of practicing and playing, absolutely no problems. Took 'em off yesterday slick as a whistle, put a new set on this morning. I couldn't be happier. Great idea and great product. Thanks!” Jack Wills willssjt57@wowway.com

“Excellent for coping with emergencies.”
David Grimes dgrimes@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU

“…sometimes when I get into heavy practicing for a performance, I wear my nails down so much that I get in trouble. That’s when I usually recur to ping pong balls/crazy glue; but RICONAILS are a better back-up for that situation and I can see myself using them in performance. They feel very secure once in place. Congratulations for a very clever design!” Ana María Rosado AMRGuitar@nyc.rr.com

“Rico, the nails are unbelievable. I will be honest. I did not really have much faith that they would work for me on steel strings. Simply amazing. I owe you for allowing me to have the active lifestyle that I desire AND have nails for my music.”
Steve Davison steve@aircharterteam.com